A little bit about us

We are a family venue in Muldersdrif. Our facilities include, braai, fishing, a coffee shop on the premises as well as a playground for kids.

See our Frequently Asked Questions below.

Our outdoor playground is for kids of all ages with a splash pool, a zipline, putt-putt and a jungle gym. The kids may bring their own bicycles, kites, ball games, swimming costumes and putters to the venue. Nobody will be allowed to swim with their clothes. If you don't have your swimwear, you don't swim! Our indoor playground is for kids from 1 - 7 years with a jungle gym and ball pit and is open from 9am - 4pm.

When you come as a day visitor, as a family or as a group, you may choose one (1) shaded area where you can setup for the day. You may bring your own gazebo(s) and camp chairs and add-on to the shaded area you've chosen. Thanks for your co-operation.

Please note NO music 🔇 on the venue - not even from your phone, and NO dogs allowed - not even a puppy. Thank you.


Right of admission reserved.

Visitors use the facilities at their own risk.

Parents/Guardians are responsible for their own children.

No music allowed

No dogs allowed
See our disclaimer at the bottom of the page

See our FAQ below 'Rules and Regulations'

Rules and Regulations

Please take note of our rules and regulations.

By paying the entrance fee you agree to adhere to our rules and regulations.
We have rules on the venue to keep it a peaceful family venue for all to enjoy.
Please respect our rules and hours.
See our disclaimer at the bottom of the page
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